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12" PM3 3/8"P 1.1mm (.043") 44 Links Chain Loop for Stihl MS170, MS180 Chainsaw - 3610 003 0044

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3610 003 0044
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12" PM3 Chain Loop.

Pitch: 3/8"P, Gauge: 1.1mm & Links: 44

Chain Type: Picco Micro 3.

Suits 3005 000 3905 Guide Bar.

Part No. 3610 003 0044.

This genuine STIHL saw chain has been engineered to meet the specific requirements of light, compact chainsaws, delivering exceptional cutting performance, reduced kickback, and lower vibration levels. Its quality and features are outlined below.

  • STIHL's vertical integration strategy is a key strength, as it manufactures the saw chains, guide bars, and engine units in-house. This results in an optimal match between all components, providing the necessary synergy for excellent cutting performance and reliability.
  • The 12" PM3 Chain Loop has a pitch of 3/8"P, gauge of 1.1mm, and 44 links, specifically designed to fit the 3005 000 3905 Guide Bar. The Picco Micro 3 chain type offers superior cutting performance and low vibration levels, thanks to its narrow kerf, shallow tooth design, and optimized cutting angles.
  • The Oilomatic lubricating system incorporates fine oil channels in the chain drive links that pick up oil from the bar groove and distribute it evenly to the chain links and running surfaces of the cutters, resulting in reduced friction and wear. Additional chain oil reservoirs in most Oilomatic saw chains further enhance lubrication and prolong chain life.
  • The wear limit marks on the heel of the PM3 cutters serve as a wear indicator and sharpening guide, allowing users to assess how much the cutter can be sharpened or how much more wear is possible, thus optimizing chain life and performance.
  • The top plate of each PM3 cutter is electrolytically chromium-plated, which significantly increases wear resistance and durability while maintaining optimal cutting performance.
  • During production, each PM3 saw chain is subjected to a high, constant tensile load, reducing chain 'give' during initial use, promoting long service life, and mitigating wear over time.
  • The smooth holes in the PM3 chain links are produced through a special punching process that enhances chain mobility and provides long service life.
  • Each rivet is inductively hardened in a strong high-frequency field, producing an extra-strong collar that resists wear and enhances overall chain performance.
  • STIHL saw chains, including the 12" PM3 Chain Loop, deliver exceptional cutting performance and quality, not only on STIHL chainsaws but also on other makes of chainsaw, ensuring superior results for users.

Suitable for the following applications:

Stihl: MS 170, MS 170 C, MS 171, MS 171 C, MS 180, MS 180 C, MS 181, MS 181 C, MS 190 T, MS 191 T, MS 192 C, MS 192 T, MS 192 TC, MS 193 C, MS 193 T, MS 193 TC, MSA 160 C, MSA 200 C, MSE 140 C, MSE 160 C, MSE 180 C, MSE 200 C, MSE 141 C, MSE 170 C, MSE 190 C, MSE 210 C, MSE 230 C, HT 56 C, HT 70, HT 70 K, HT 75, HT 73, HT 100, HT 101, HT 102, HT 103, HT 130, HT 131, HT 132, HT 133, HT 250, HTE 60, 009, 010, 011, 012, 015, 017, 018, 019 T, 020, 020 T, 021, 023, 025, E 14, E 140, E 160, E 180 C.

Power Pruner: PP 300, PP 400, PP 600, PP 800, PP 1200, PP 1250, PP 1260, PP 1400, P 1400–D, PPF-2100, PPT-2100, PPF-2400, PPT-2400, PPSR–2122, PPSR–2433.

Redmax: PRO GZ 25 N, PSZ 2500 S.

Shindaiwa: P 230, P 231, Pruner Attachment #78701, Pruner Tool #65002.

Stihl Chain and Bar Selector

Product Specifications

More Information
L&S Part No. 3610 003 0044
Part Type Genuine Part
Manufacturer Stihl
OEM No. 36100030044
Unit of Sale 1
Applications 017, 023, E140, HT70, HT75, MS170, MS170C, MS171, MS180, MS180C, MS192T, MSE140
Fits Brands Stihl
Machine Type Chainsaws, Electric Chainsaws, Pole Pruners
Fits Models MS170, MS170C |  MS180, MS180C |  MS171, MS171C |  HT70, HT70K, HT75 |  HT73 |  HT101 |  HT130 |  HT131 |  HTE60 |  HT-KM Pole Pruner |  MS181, MS181C |  009 |  010, 011 |  012 |  015 |  017 |  018 |  019T |  020, 020T |  021, 023, 025 |  E14 |  E140, E160, E180 |  MSE140, MSE160, MSE180, MSE200 |  MSE141 C |  MSE170, MSE190, MSE210, MSE230 |  MSA160 C |  MSA200 C |  MS190T |  MS191T |  MS193C, MS193T, MS193TC |  HT56 C |  HT100 |  HT102, HT103 |  HT132, HT133

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You're reviewing:12" (30cm) 44 Links - PM3 - 3/8"LP / 043" (1.1mm) Chain
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Customer Questions
Is this suitable for ht 75 pole chainsaw?
This chain is listed for the HT 75 pole chainsaw.
Is the suitable for the Stihl MSA 120-c
This is the chain for your Stihl MSA 120-C part no. 3670 000 0064.
Will this be right for a STIHL 023c chainsaw?
Going from the sizes you have given (14" from white plastic to end of blade. Plastic orange cover is 13") this is the chain I would recommend for you: https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/32556
Is this chain suitable for Stihl saw MSE 141C-Q1400 30cm
We can see that this one would fit your machine. Your machine would have to have 7 teeth on the chain sprocket for this to fit. Please check this before buying the chain.
I am looking for chain oil?
The chain oil we do some like this: https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/synthplus-chain-oil-1l-for-stihl-chainsaws-0781-516-2000.html
Is this chain ok for a ms150c with 12 inch bar?
The correct chain should be 3670 000 0064. https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/58826
What is the length of the chain?
This is a 44-link chain, suitable for a 12" guide bar.
will this chain fit my 021 (12")?
This is the correct chain I have listed for your machine: 3636 003 0044
Is this chain suitable for a Sthl Super 020 AV?
If you have a 12" bar the below chain should be suitable: 3636 003 0044
will this fit MS180 C
Part number 3610 003 0044 is suitable for the MS180 12" bars.
What File is needed for sharpening?
I've listed the File, File with Handle along with the Filing kit for you. 350 116 - Chainsaw Chain Sharpening File 5/32"/ 4.0mm / 3/8" Picco or 1/4" Pitch Each - Genuine Stihl - OEM No. 56057724006 https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/catalog/product/view...
Does this fit the Stihl HT-KM 12 inch KombiTool Pole Pruner?
I can confirm this will be compatible with your model.
Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions


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