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Essential Hose Fittings & Attachments: Equip your garden and industrial hoses with the best. At L&S Engineers, we offer a comprehensive range of fittings and attachments tailored for both garden and industrial hoses. This includes couplings, hose clips, drain equipment, and more, ensuring a seamless flow and secure connections.

Why Quality Matters: The right hose fitting can make all the difference. Whether you're watering your garden or managing industrial tasks, having reliable hose connectors and hose replacements ensures efficiency and safety. A leak or a loose connection can lead to wastage and potential hazards. That's why investing in quality is paramount.

Brands You Can Rely On: Our inventory boasts a vast selection from leading brands like Jaymac, Jubilee, Hozelock, and more. Whether you're looking for a specific brand or a universal solution, we've got you covered, ensuring that your hoses remain in peak condition.


Why is it essential to have quality hose fittings?

Quality hose fittings ensure a secure connection, preventing leaks and potential hazards, leading to efficient operations and safety.

Do you offer products from renowned brands?

Yes, we stock products from leading brands such as Jaymac, Jubilee, Hozelock, and more, ensuring quality and durability.

How can I ensure I'm choosing the right hose fitting for my needs?

Our detailed product listings and expert customer service team can guide you in selecting the perfect fitting for your specific hose type and application.

Are your hose connectors compatible with all hose types?

While we offer brand-specific connectors, we also provide universal options suitable for various hose types.

Do you offer next-day delivery for hose fittings and connectors?

Yes, we provide next-day delivery options, ensuring you receive your hose fittings and connectors swiftly.