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Using the correct equipment to lubricate and fuel machines is key for top performance. Good quality oils will protect exhausts from dirt and deposit build ups. Grease equipment is used to apply lubricants through using grease guns and grease hoses with grease nipples fitted to help dispense. Using equipment to dispense lubricants include plastic funnels and fuel cans. Protect floors from spills and leaking equipment with a drip tray spill kit.

The Essence of Quality Lubrication: Proper maintenance of machines is pivotal for their longevity and optimal performance. One of the key aspects of this maintenance is ensuring that they are well-lubricated and fueled using high-quality equipment. At L&S Engineers, we offer a vast range of lubrication equipment and lubrication accessories that cater to this very need.

Why Quality Matters: Using the right equipment to lubricate and fuel machines is essential for achieving top performance. Good quality oils protect exhausts from dirt and deposit build-ups, ensuring smoother operations and reduced wear and tear. Moreover, our range of grease equipment, including grease guns and hoses with fitted grease nipples, ensures precise and efficient lubricant application.

Comprehensive Range for All Your Needs: Our selection spans from oils, grease, dispensing equipment to products from renowned brands like Stihl, Morris, Sealey, and more. Whether you need funnels, fuel cans, or spill prevention kits, we've got you covered, ensuring that your machines remain in peak condition.

Why is it important to use quality lubrication equipment?

Quality lubrication ensures optimal machine performance, reduces wear and tear, and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Do you offer products from renowned brands?

Yes, we stock products from leading brands such as Stihl, Morris, Sealey, and more, ensuring quality and durability.

How can I prevent spills during lubrication and fuelling?

We offer spill prevention kits and drip trays to protect floors and surfaces from potential spills and leaks during the lubrication process.

What types of lubrication accessories do you offer?

We provide a comprehensive range of accessories including grease guns, hoses, funnels, fuel cans, and more to cater to all your lubrication needs.

Do you offer next-day delivery for lubrication and fuelling products?

Yes, we provide next-day delivery options, ensuring you receive your products swiftly.