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Hose clips are a type of clamp that is used to connect flexible pipes to hose tails in a secure manner. They are commonly known by various names such as Jubilee clips, worm drive clips, or worm clips. The primary purpose of hose clips is to ensure that fluid and air applications are carried out safely and effectively. The great thing about hose clips is that they are very easy to use, as all you need is a flat screwdriver to fit them in place.

Hose clips are made up of two main components: the banding and the screw mechanism. The banding is designed to wrap around the hose and the screw mechanism is used to tighten the clip around the hose. This mechanism can be adjusted to suit a range of hose sizes, making it a versatile solution for a variety of applications. When choosing a hose clip, it is important to check the outside diameter of the hose to be clamped and select a clip with this diameter in the center of the range indicated.

Hose clips are a simple but effective solution for connecting flexible pipes to hose tails. They are available in a variety of clamping ranges and can be adjusted to suit different hose sizes. When used correctly, hose clips can provide a secure and reliable connection for fluid and air applications.