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Fuel Filter 141 x 71mm Fits Lister Petter Replaces JCB OEM. 988/1000638

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Replacement Fuel Filter
141mm x 71mm x 71mm

Fits Lister Petter, Benford, Barford, Thwaites, JCB, Kubota

Replaces Manufacturer Numbers:
JCB 988/1000638,095814, 24015890, 240-15890, 102651, 210078S1, 26-626-00, 26.626.00, 2662600, 34345, 407F, 479, 483, 5004786, 7984341, C11870PL, CV4804, EFG31, FA4021, FA4329, FF4010, G521, G691, GFF3-10, GFF3.10, GFF310, GR-S05516, GR.S05516, GR05516, GROS516, GRS05516, GS05516, H804X, K429-4, K429.4, K4294, OD3828, OD3829, OD3928, P77-9314, P77.9314, P779314, PF831, PJC-257-004, PJC.257.004, PJC257004, WGF4010, Y009-202-04, Y009.202.04, Y00920204

Product Specifications

More Information
L&S Part No. LF407
OEM No. F144
Unit of Sale 1
Size 142mm x 71mm x 71mm
Applications Barford GF, GFX, GN, MLN, MLN, SD020 Bison, SXD020, SXD020, Track Marshall 80, 85, 1600, VR3, VR4, Benford CRW, C-Series CRW, EA, EA4P, E-Series EA, E-Series EA4P, JKW, J-Series JKW, JW, JW, KRW, K-Series KRW, LM31D, LM31D, L-Series LM31D, MA1300, MA2000, MA1300, MA2000, MA1300P, MA1300P, MA-Series 1300P, MA-Series 2000, OFHDP 30cwt, OFP 30cwt, OGHDP 35cwt, OGP 35cwt, OL, OM, OP, OR, OS, OL, TT2, OM Series 35Cwt 4x4, OMHDP 35Cwt 4x4, OMP 35cwt, O-Series OFHDP 30cwt., O-Series OFP 30cwt., O-Series OGHDP 35cwt., O-Series OGP 35cwt., O-Series OL, O-Series OMHDP 35cwt. , O-Series OMP 35cwt., TS40, TS40, TS60M, TS-Series 40, TS-Series 60M, TT2, TT2000, TT2000, TT2500, TT2500, TT50L, TT50P, TT50S, TT50P, TT60, TT70, TT60M, TS60M, TT70M, TT70M, TT-Series 2000, TT-Series 2500, TT-Series 50P, TT-Series 60M, TT-Series 70M, W4, Z4, W4P, WP4, W-Series W4P, Case 201, 201, 2300A Series, 2300A Series, 238, 2424, 2444, 275, 276, 3414 Series, 3444 Series, 3414 Series, 3444 Series, 354, 354, 354, 354, D354, 364, 414, 444, D444, 364, 374, 384, 384, 414, 414, 424, 424D, 434, 424, 444, 434, 434, 434, 444, 444, 500, 500, 7000, 844, 844S, 844XL, 91, 91, 91, 93, 93, 93, B250, B250, B275, B275, B275 Diesel, 276, B414, B414, B414, 434, B500, BC144, BD144, BD144, BD144A, BD144C, BD154, BD154C, BD154T, BD5, BTD5, BD414, BH25, D354, D444, DC144, H25B, TD5, TD5B, Doosan Daewoo Sea Lion, Hyster 600XL, H35XL, Ingersoll Rand DR85, DRP85, DRAP85, DR100, DR100S, DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRAF150, DRF150, DR150, DRAF175, DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRP140, DRP140S, DRAF150, DR150S, DRF175, DRF175S, DRAF125, DRAF175, DRAP125, DRAP140, DRAP150, DRAP175, DRDS-1, DRP100, DRP140, DRP140S, DXL900P, DXLC750, IKA315, IKA500, Isuzu Journey S, Journey S 15, TLG52 OHV From 1974 To 1976, Iveco 70D6FK, 70D6FL, 75D6FK, 75D6FL, 80D6F, 80D7F, 80D8F, 80D9F, JCB 1550, 1550B, 2, 2, 2B, 2, 2B, 2, 2B, 2D, 2DS, 2SB, 3, 3C, 3CS, 3CX, 3C11, 3CS11, 3D, 3S, 3X, 4C, 4D, 2, 2B, 2D, 2DS, 2SB, 3, 3C, 3CX, 3CS, 3C11, 3CS11, 3D, 3S, 3X, 4C, 4D, 2000, 3, 3, 30cwt, 30cwt, 3C Mk III, 3D Mk III, 3C, 3D, 4, 3DS, 3DX, 4C, 410, 410, 410, 414, 4C, 4D, 520M/2, 520M/4, 525B F-L, 6, 805B, 805BT, 700, 700, 700, CX 1, 1D, CX 3 C/CX/D/DS/DX/S/X , LOADALL 520, 520-2/4, TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4, TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4, TH525, TH525-4, TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4, TH525, TH525-4, Komatsu FD15, SD15, FD15-1, FD20, FD25, FD18, FD20, FD20, FD20/30-7, FD20/30L-8, FD20, FD20-5, FD20, FD25, FD30, FD20, FD25, FD30, FD20-5, FD25-1, FD20H, FD23, FD25, FD25, FD25, FD25-1, FD25-1, FD25H, FD25T7, FD28, FD30, FD30, FD30, FD30-8, FD30H, FD-Series 15, FD-Series 18, FD-Series 20, FD-Series 20, FD-Series 20, FD-Series 20 H, FD-Series 20 S, FD-Series 20-5, FD-Series 23, FD-Series 25, FD-Series 25, FD-Series 25 H, FD-Series 25-1, FD-Series 28, FD-Series 30, FD-Series 30, FD-Series 30 H, FG10, FG10-8, FG14, FG14-6, FG15, FG25, FG20, FG20, FG20-4, FG25, FG20, FG20S, FG20-5, FG20-5, FG20/58, FG20S, FG25, FG25-1, FG20-58, FG20-6, FG20L, FG25, FG25, FG25, FG25S, FG25-1, FG25-6, FG30, FG30-11, FG30S-11, FG-Series 20, FG-Series 20, FG-Series 20 L, FG-Series 20 L, FG-Series 20-6, FG-Series 25, FG-Series 25, FG-Series 25-6, FG-Series 30, SD10, SD10, SD20, SD-Series 15, SG10, SG-Series 10, Kubota KH1, KH1D, KH10, L175, L200, L200, L210, L260, H, L260H, L260H 21,24bhp, M4000, M4000, M4050, Lister Petter 353, 353, 353 Type, 367, 367, 367 Type, A-Series AV2, A-Series AVA2, AV2, AVA2, AV2, AVA2, B2, B2M, B2T, B2M, B3M, B4M, B2T, B3T, B4T, B3, B3M, B3T, B4, B4, B4M, B4T, B4RMR, B-Series B2M, B-Series B2T, B-Series B3M, B-Series B3T, B-Series B4M, B-Series B4RMR, B-Series B4T, HA, HA, HB2, HB3, HA2, HA3, HA4 Diesel, HA2, HB2, HA3, HB3, HA4, HA-Series 2, HA-Series 3, HA-Series 4, HB2, HB3, HB-Series 2, HB-Series 3, HR, HR2, HR3, HR2, HR2A, HR3, HR3, HR3A, HR-Series 2, HR-Series 3, HRW2, HRW3, HRW2M, HR2MA, HRW2MA, HRW2MGR, HRW3M, HR3MA, HRW3MA, HRW3MGR, HRW-Series 3, HW2, HW3, MGR, PC2, PC3, PC3, PC4, PC4, PD1, PD2, PD3, PD4, PDM2, PDM3, PDM4, PDV6, PDV8, PDVM6, PDVM8, PDK, PDL, PDL30, PH2, PH2, PH2, PH2W, PHW2, PJ, PJW, PJ2, PJ2W, PJ3, PJ3, PJ4, PJ3W, PJ4W, PJ3W, PJ4, PJ4W, PJ50, PJ50, PJ50, PJ50, PJ85, PJ85, PJ85, PJ85, PJZ, PJWZ, P-Series PC2, P-Series PC3, P-Series PC4, P-Series PD1, P-Series PD2, P-Series PD3, P-Series PD4, P-Series PDK, P-Series PDL, P-Series PDM2, P-Series PDM3, P-Series PDM4, P-Series PDVM6, P-Series PDVM8, P-Series PH2, P-Series PH2W, P-Series PJ2, P-Series PJ2W, P-Series PJ3, P-Series PJ3W, P-Series PJ4, P-Series PJ4W, P-Series PJWZ, P-Series PJZ, R140, R140S, R140, R140S, R175PD, R175PD, RMR, RMR, R-Series RMR, WRMR, W-Series WRMR, Manitou 4RM20C, 4RM25C, 4RM30, 4RE30, 4RE40, 4RE50, 4RE60, MB20, MB25, MB21C, MB26C, MC20, MC25, MC30, MC40, MC40C, MC40TC, MC20C, MC20H, MC25C, MC25H, MC30C, MC30H, MCE20C, MCE25C, MCE30C, MC8 3 Ton, New Holland Major From 1958, Super 6 County, Thwaites 2 Ton Alldrive, 21/10 1 Ton, 30cwt Gravity Skip, 4000 Series, 6000 Series, All Drive 3 Ton, All Drive 35cwt, All Drive 2 Ton, All Drive 4000, All Drive 5000, All Drive 6000, Alldrive 3 Ton, Alldrive 4000 , Alldrive 5000 , Alldrive 6000 , Tusker, Tusker 30cwt, Tusker, Tusker Swivel Skip, Unknown model, Volvo BM200, BM210, BM Teddy, BM350
Fits Brands Baldwin, Coopers, Crosland, Donaldson, E.R.F, Fiaam, Foden, Ford, Fram, G.E.C, Gardner, General Motors, Greyfriars, I.H.C, Kalmar Climax, L.D.V, Mann & Hummel, Motorcraft, Orenstein & Koppel, Rolls Royce, Seddon Atkinson, U.F.I, Woodgate


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