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Why Brand New Mower Blades May Not Feel Sharp

Lauren Published on Apr 28, 2022 View Comments

Does your new mower blade seem dull?

When buying a new mower blade, the immediate thought is that it needs to be sharp. Yet this isn't the case. Brand new lawn mower blades should actually be used as they are. They aren't dull - instead they cut slower and last longer. The edge is sharp enough to roughly last for 25 hours of mowing and is dull enough so that the blade won't get easily damaged by roots and rocks. If a mower blade has a super sharp edge, it would bend over in the first 5 minutes of mowing! If a rock is hit with a hyper-sharp blade, it will bend the edge which makes it much less effective.

Once used for a minimum of 25 hours, then it's advised to check the blade. If it's still mowing well and there are no damages, keep mowing beyond this. If it does have some nicks and damages, sharpen the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do brand new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

No, they should be used as is.

Can sharpening a new mower blade hurt the blade?

Yes. If the edge is too fine, the rocks and roots could cause damage and will require additional sharpening. Every time it's sharpened, the metal is being whittled away so the life of the blade is lowered.

Will a new mower blade which seems dull kill grass?

No. New blades aren't dull and they are sharpened to cut for at least 25 hours before sharpening is needed.

Can a new mower blade be used even if it seems dull?

Yes. Check and sharpen when needed yet you should be able to use for 25 hours.

When will a new blade need to be sharpened?

Typically after 25 hours the blade should be checked for damage, so it's advised to sharpen when it's needed.

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