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Fuel Filter, Spin-On 163 x 94mm Fits Case, Cummins Replaces Baldwin BF1280

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Fuel Filter, Spin-On.
Size: 163 x 94 x 94mm x Thread: 13/16-18 UNF.
Quality, Aftermarket Filter.

Fits Brands:
Bomag, Case, Cummins, Dynapac, I.H.C, Ingersoll Rand, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, M&H, New Holland, Onan, Sakura, Samsung, Transicold, Wacker

Replaces Manufacturer Numbers:
JCB 02/910150A, JCB 02910150A, Onan 149-2251, Onan 149.2251, Onan 1492251, I.H.C 161623, JCB 2/91015, JCB 291015, Transicold 30-00301-00, Transicold 30.00301.00, Transicold 300030100, Bomag 31780206, Wacker 34420, Cummins 3903410, Crosland 5007, Ingersoll Rand 59728196, Komatsu 6732-71-6120, Komatsu 6732.71.6120, Komatsu 6732716120, New Holland 83977314, Greyfriars 852S, Dynapac 900827, Case 903410, Dynapac 935087, Dynapac 935825, Samsung 9912-0341, Samsung 9912-03410, Samsung 9912.0341, Samsung 99120341, Samsung 991203410, Baldwin BF1280, Fleetguard FF200, Fleetguard FF5038, Donaldson FFP55-0439, Donaldson FFP55.0439, Donaldson FFP550439, Fleetguard FS1280, Fiaam FT5360, Case J930942, Donaldson P55-0439, Donaldson P55-8712, Donaldson P55.0439, Donaldson P55.8712, Donaldson P550439, Donaldson P551329, Donaldson P558712, Donaldson P77-9405, Donaldson P77.9405, Donaldson P779405, Sakura SFC5706, Sure SFF1280, Schuup SK3570, Schuup SK3750, HIFI SN5038, Samsung W903640, Woodgate WGF200, Woodgate WGFS1280, M&H WK9

Product Specifications

More Information
L&S Part No. LF852
Unit of Sale 1
Size Size: 163 x 94 x 94mm x Thread: 13/16-18 UNF
Applications Ammann AC110-2, AC130-2, AC160-2, AC190-2, AC60-2, AC70-2, AC90-2, Atlas Copco XAHS285, XAMS355, XAS375, Barford ASG013, TG12, TG14, WL26, Benford PT12 Series, SP 2012 From 1998, SP2010 Series, Bobcat 980, 980, Bomag BW10AS, BW12R, BW156D-3, BW156PD-3, BW156DH-3, BW156PDH-3, BW156DH Series, BW156PDH-3, BW16R, BW16R, BW20R, BW177D-3, BW177PD-3, BW177DH-3, BW177PDH-3, BW177AD-3, BW177PDB Series, BW178 Series, BW179 Series, BW178D-3, BW178PD-3, BW178DH-3, BW178PDH-3, BW179D-3, BW179PD-3, BW179DH-3, BW179PDH-3, BW180AD, BW180AD, BW184AD, BW20R, BW213PDB, Case 1060, 1070, 1071, 1085, 1085B, 1086B, 1085B, 1086B, 1085C, 1086B Cruz-Air, 1088, 1090, 1150, 1150, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150D, 1150E, 1150E, 1150E, 1150E, 1150G, 1150H, 1155D, 1155D, 1155D, 1155E, 1155E, 1155E, 1155E, 1160, 1170, 1175, 1187C, 1187C LT, 1188 PI Plus, 1188 Plus, 1188 Plus Alliance, 1270, 1288 Plus, 1288, 1288C, 1370 From Serial No 8727601, 1370 From Serial No 8727601, 1450, 1450C, 1450B, 1455B, 1470, 1488, 1488, 1488LC, 1550, 1550, 1570, 1650K, 1840, 1840, 1845C, 1840, 1845C, 1845C, 1845C, 1850K, 1850K, 1866, 1896, 1896, 200, 2090, 2094, 2096, 2096, 2290, 2294, 2294, 2390, 2394, 2394, 2594, 3294, 3394, 3594, 2470, 2590, 2594, 2670, 2870, 300SK, 400SK, 301BD, 336BD, 336BDT, 401BD, 401BDT, 4390 Power Unit, 4-390, 4T-390, 4TA-390, 4490, 4494, 4494, 450, 450D, 450B, 450C, 450C, 451BD, 451BDT, 455C, 455C, 4690, 4694, 4694, 4694, 475, 480E, 480E LL, 480E, 480ELL, 480F, 480FLL, 4890, 4894, 4994, 4994, 504BD, 504BDT, 5120 Maxxum, 5130, 5140 Maxxum, 5140 Maxxuum, 550, 550, 550D, 550E, 550G, 550H, 570L, 580L, 580 LE, 580 Super E, 580 Super E, 580 Super E, 580 Super K, 580E, 580 Super E, 580K, 580K, 580K, 584E, 585E, 584E, 585E, 586E, 588, 588, 588 Alliance, 588, 788, 588P, 590, 590, 600, 602B, 6030, 6040, 621, 621B, 621BXT, 621C, 621CXR, 621CXT, 621D, 621DXF, 621DXR, 650, 650, 650G, 650H, 650K, 6590 Series Irrigation, 6-590, 6T-590, 6TA-590, 680, 680, 680CK Series B From Serial No 9103968, 680CK Series C, 680CK Series E, 680K, 680K, 680K, 680L, 680L, 680VK Series B To Serial No 9103967, 6-830, 6T-830, 6TA-830, 6831TA, 688, 688A, 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140 Magnum, 721, 721B, 721C, 721CXR, 721CXT, 721C, 721Cxr, 721Cxt, 721C, 721CXT, 721CXR, 750H, 750K, 760, 770, 770 Poweshift, 780, 780, 780, 780CK, 780B, 780C, 780C, 780D, 780C, 780D, 780CK, 780D, 788, 788SR, 800, 825, 821, 821B, 821C, 821CXF, 821C, 821CXR, 821C, 821CXR, 850, 850 Series B, 850 Series B, 850D, 850D, 855D, 850E, 850G, 850H, 850K, 855D, 855D, 855E, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT, 865, 865, 870, 870, 880,880B,880C, 880R, 880B, 880D, 880D, 888, 888, 9010, 9020, 9010B, 9020B, 9030, 9030B, 9040, 9040B, 9045B, 9110, 9130 Steiger Series, 9240, 9250, 9260, 930, 931, 932, 933, 970, 970, 980, 988 Plus, 988, 1188, 988SR, A377 Diesel, P336, P504, P604, T604, TB604, SV208, SV210, SV212, SV216, T336, TB336, T80, TB80, TD12B, W10C, W10E, W11B, W11B, W14, W14H, W14 Feedlot To Serial No 10018987, W14, W14H, W14 Feedlot From Serial No 10018988, W14B, W14B, W14C, W15, W18, W20, W20, W24, W20B, W24B, W24C, W26B, W26D, W26DC, W26DC34, W26D1, W26LF, W30, W30, W36, W36, W36, W7C, W7D, W7E, W7G, W9AD, W7E, W8E, W9E, W10E, W14, W8C, W9C, W10C, W9E, WX150, WX200, Compair 200, Cummins 155B, 220B, 270B, 330B, 370B, 450C, 4B 3.9M, 4B3.9, 4BT3.9, 4BTA3.9, 4B3.9, 4BT3.9, 4BTA3.9 B Series, 4B3.9M, 4BT3.9M, 4BTA3.9M, 6B5.9, 6BT5.9, 6BTA5.9, 6B5.9, 6BT5.9, 6BTA5.9, 6B5.9, 6BT5.9, 6BTA5.9 B Series, 6B5.9M, 6BT5.9M, 6BTA5.9M, 6BT 5.9M, 6BTA 5.9M, 6C8.3, 6CT8.3, 6CTA8.3, 6C8.3, 6CT8.3, 6CTA8.3 C Series, 6C8.3, 6CT8.3, 6CTA8.3 Command Series, 6C8.3, 6CT8.3M, 6CTA8.3M1,-M2, 6C8.3, 6CTA8.3, 6CTA8.3, C8.3, Hitachi D180, D180, EX135W, EX135WD, EX165W, EX165W, EX255, EX255, EX255EL, EX255LC, EX285, EX285, EX285LC, FH130W-3, FH150W-3, FH270-3, W170, W190, W190LB, W230, Hyundai130W Robex, 160LC-3, 160LCD-3, 160NLC-3, 170W3, 180LC3, 180NLC3, R180LCD3, 200LC, 200NLC3, R200LCM2, R200LCLR, 210-3 Robex, 210-3, 210LC-3, 210-7, 210LC-7, 250LC-3, 250NLC-3, 320-3, R320LC-3, 320NLC-3, HL17, HL25, HL730-3, HL750, HL750, HL760, HL760, HL760-3, R130W-2, R130LC-3, R290LC-3, R290LC-3LR, R290LC-7, R320LC-7, Robex 120W, Robex 130LC, Robex 130LC-3 110bhp, Robex 130W 110bhp, Robex 160LC-3, Robex 170W-3 126bhp, Robex 180LC-3, 180NLC-3 116bhp, Robex 200LC, Robex 200W, Robex 200W-2 130bhp, Robex 210-3, 210LC-3 130bhp, Robex 250LC-3, Robex 280LC, Robex 290-3, 290LC-3 183bhp, Robex 290LC, Robex 320-3, 320LC-3 230bhp, Ingersoll Rand 30KW, 780T, 780W, 880T, 880W, 910T, 910W, 994DD110, BF130, DD110, DD112HF, DD118HA, DD118HF, DD118HFA, DD138HA, DD138HF, DD138HFA, DD70, DD70HF, DD90, DD90HF, DM45, DM45HP, E30XWCU, E50XWCU, ECM490, ECM580, ECM590, HP600WCU, HP750WCU, XP750WCU, P250WCU, HP300WCU, P375WCU, PC1000R, MW1000, RT705G, RT706G, RT708G, SD100D, SD100, SD110D, SD115F, SD115D, SD150D, SD150D, SD150F, SD170D, SD170F, SD180D, SD180F, SD70DA, SD70D, Water Jet Cutter, XP825WCU, Iveco 1218C, 1318C, 1418C, 1718C 6 Cyl, 1721C, 2421C, 2118C, 2521C, 2921C, Cargo 1218, 1318, 1418, 1718, Cargo 1721, 2421, JCB 3185 Fastrack, 446B, 456HT, 456ZX, 714, 718, Fastrac 185-65, Fastrac 3185, Fastrac 3185, Kobelco ED180, SK100, SK115DZLC, SK150LC, SK160IV, SK160LC, SK200LC, SK250, SK250LC, SK250NLC, SK270LC, SK300LC IV, Kohler 30ROZ, 40ROZ, 32KWROZ, 32KWROZ, 50ROZ, 60ROZ, 80ROZ, 100ROZ, Komatsu GD530A-1, GD530A-2, GD555-3, GD555-3C, GD650-1, GD650A-2, GD670-1, GD670A-2, GD670A-2C, GD670AW-2C, PC200, PC200-6, PC200-6A, PC200-6B, PC200LC-6, PC200LL-6, PC200Z-6, PC200Z-6LE, PC210-6, PC210LC-6, PC220-6,PC220LC-6, PC230-6, PC230LC-6, PC250-1HT, PC300LC-5, WA120-1, WA120-1, WA180-1, WA180-1, WA250, WA250-1, WA250-3, WA250-3L, WA250-3MC, WA270-3, WA320-1, WA320-1, WA320-3, WA380-1, WA380-1, WA380DZ-3, WA380H, WA420-1, WA420-1, WA420DZ-3, Manitou MT830, MT930, MT830, MT930, New Holland 9352, AD250, D170, D180, D255, DC180, DC80, F170, F170B, F200, F200B, G170, G170 VP, G200, LW160, LW170, LW190, LW170TC, LW230, RG170, RG170 AWD, RG170.B, RG170.B, RG170.B From 2010, RG200, RG200.B, SF550, TG210, TG230, W160, W200, W230 From 2005, Samsung 280, SE130 Series, SE130W, SE130LC, SE130LC-2, SE130LCM-2, SE130W-2, SE130W, SE170W-3, SE200, SE210 Series, SE210 Series, SE210W, SE210LC, SE210LC-2, SE210W, SE240LC Series, SE280 Series, SE280LC, SE280LC-2, SL120-2, SL120-2, SL150, SL150-2, SL150-2, SL180, SL180, SL180-2, SL180-2, ST120-2, Terex 25T, HC60, RT175
Fits Brands Bomag, Case, Crosland, Cummins, Donaldson, Dynapac, Fiaam, Fleetguard, Greyfriars, HIFI, I.H.C, Ingersoll Rand, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, M&H, New Holland, Onan, Sakura, Samsung, Schuup, Sure, Transicold, Wacker, Woodgate, Baldwin


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