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Air Filter 185mm Thwaites, Kubota, JCB, Kohler Machines - Replaces: 119655-12560

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Primary Air Filter Element - Cylinder Type
Height: 185mm x O/D: 90mm x I/D: 45mm / Blank
Quality, Non Genuine Filter
(use inner filter LA1671)

Suitable for the following applications:

319 (Kubota D722-E2B) (Tier 2), 320 (Kubota D722), 320D, 320G (Kubota D722), 321 (Kubota), 322D, 322G (Kubota), 323, 324 (Kubota D722-E2B (Tier 2)), 418 (Kubota D722), E08, E10 (Kubota D722-E2B) (Tier 2), E14, E16 (Kubota D722-E2B) (Tier 2), E20 (Kubota D722), E25 (Kubota D1105 Eng (Tier 2), E26 (Kubota D1105) (Tier 2)

CX15 (Yanmar), CX15B Series 2 (Mitsubishi L3E) (1/2011-on), CX15B Series 2 (Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA) (1/2008-on), CX16 (Yanmar), CX16B (Yanmar 3TNE74N), CX17B (Mitsubishi L3E), CX18B Series 2 (Mitsubishi L3E) (1/2011-on), CX18B (Yanmar 3TNE74N), CX18B Series 2 (Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA) (1/2008-on)

300.9D (Yanmar), 301.4C (Yanmar 3TNV76), 301.6C, 301.8C (Mitsubishi L3N, L3NE), 301.7D, 302.2D, 302.4D (Yanmar 3TNV76), 302.7D (Yanmar 3TNV76)

Solar 15 Plus (Mitsubishi L3E), Solar 18VT (Mitsubishi L3E)

EX17U (Isuzu 3YB1), ZX10U-2 (Yanmar 3TNV70), ZX16 (Isuzu 3YB1), ZX16 (Shibaura), ZX17U-2 (Yanmar 3TNV70-VHB), ZX18 (Isuzu 3YB1), ZX18 (Shibaura E673L), ZX22U-2 (Yanmar 3TNV76), ZX25 (Isuzu 3YE1), ZX25 (Shibaura S773L), ZX8-2 (Yanmar 3TNV70)

JCB Excavators:
8008 CTS, MICRO 8008, MICRO PLUS-TIER 2, MICRO PLUS, MICRO, 15C-1, 16C-1 T3 Fixed, 16C-1 T3, 18Z-1 T3, 19C-1 EP, 19C-1 PC, 19C-1, 8010 CTS, 8014 CTS, 8014, 8015, 8016 CTS, 8016 Super, 8016, 8017, 8018 CTS, 8018 CTSAG, 8018 CTSDL, 8018 Super, 8018, 8020 CTS, 8020, 8020CTS

JCB Backhoe Loaders:

John Deere:
17D (Yanmar) (Tier 4), 17G (Yanmar 3TNV74) (Tier 4 Final), 17ZTS (Isuzu 3YB1), Kobelco 17SR-3 (Mitsubishi L3E), SK20SR-2 (Yanmar 3TNE74N), SK25SR-2 (Yanmar 3TNE74)

PC09-1 (2D70E), PC12R-8 (3D68E), PC14R-3, PC14R-3 HS (3D67E-2A), PC15R-8 (3D68E), PC16R-3, PC16R-3 HS (3D67E-2A), PC18MR-2 (3D67E-1), PC18MR-3 (3D67E-2), PC20MR-1, PC20MRx-1 (3D74E), PC20MR-2 (3D76E-5), PC20MR-3 (3D76E-6), PC20R-8 (3D84E), PC20UU-3 (3D74E-N3), PC26MR-3 (3D76E-3)

KX014-4, KX015-4, KX018-4, KX019-4 (D902-BH)

New Holland:
E10SR (Yanmar 2TNV70), E16, E18 (Yanmar 3TNE74-N), E16B (Mitsubishi LE-W431KSBA), E18B, E18SR (Mitsubishi L3E), EC15

TB014 (Yanmar 3TNE68), TB016 (Yanmar 3TNE68), TB108 (Yanmar 2TNV70) (Tier 4), TB108 (Yanmar TNE Series), TB15 FR (Yanmar TNE Series), TB23 FR (Yanmar TNE Series), TB23R (Yanmar)

HR1.6, HR11 (Mitsubishi L3E), HR12 (S/N 5587-up), HR13, TC15 (Mitsubishi L3E) (Tier 4), TC16 (Mitsubishi L3E) (Tier 4), TC20 (Mitsubishi L3E) (Tier 4)

EC13 (Mitsubishi L3E), EC15, EC15B (Mitsubishi L3E), EC18D (D0.9A), EC20, EC20B (Mitsubishi L3E)

B08-3 (2TNE68), SV08-1, SV08-1A (2TE67L), Vio15-2 (3 Cyl.), Terex AL4000 (Kubota D905 Series, D1105 Series)

Kubota Tractors:
BX1500 (Z602), BX1500D (Z602-E), BX1800 Mower, BX1800D (D722-E), BX1830D (D722-E), BX1850D (D722-E), BX1860D (D722-E3), BX22 Mower (D905-E), BX2200 (D905-E), BX2200D (D905-E), BX2230D (D902-E), BX22LB-B, BX23LB-B, BX23LB-T (D905-E), BX2350D (D902-E), BX2360, BX2370 (D902-E3), BX24 (D902-E), BX25, BX25D (D902-E3), BX2660, BX2660D (D1005-E3), BX2670 (D1005), G18, G18HD Mowers (D722), G2160 Mower (D782), G2460G (Kubota WG752 Gas), GR2110 (D782), GR2120, GR2120B (D782), T1810 Mower (Kawasaki 17 HP), TG1860 (D722-E), ZD18 Mower (D722), ZD21 Mower (D722), ZD21, ZD21N Mowers (D782), ZD221 Zero-Turn Mower (D782-E3), ZD25F Zero-Turn Mower (D1005-E2), ZD28 Mower (D1105), ZD321 Zero-Turn Mower (D782-E2), RTV500 (GZD460), RTV900R Series, RTV900T Series, RTV900W Series, RTV900XT Series (D902-E Series)

1 Tonne Hi-Tip (MACH 201), 1 Tonne Powerswivel (MACH 202)

G12 Generator (Isuzu 3LD1), G25 Generator (Isuzu 4LE2)

D722, D722-E Engines

2TNE68E, 2TNV70-ASA, 2TNV70-HGE, 3TN70 Series, 3TNE68-G1A, 3TNE68-G2A, 3TNE68-SA, 3TNE74-G2A, 3TNE 74-SA, 3TNM68-AS, 3TNM68-GA, 3TNM68-HA, 3TNM72-AS, 3TNM72-GA, 3TNM72-HA Engines

CH680, CV493, TH16

Replaces Manufacturer Numbers:
06020-46523, 0602046523, 09-01204-00, 09.01204.00, 090120400, 108-3811, 108.3811, 1083811, 11013-129, 11013.129, 11013129, 110131290, 11951512520, 119655-1256, 119655.1256, 1196551256, 11965512560, 1394374, 1394834, 1485A, 16659-11221, 16659.11221, 1665911221, 18659-11221, 18659.11221, 1865911221, 2175166, 2508302, 32-919902, 32.919902, 32/919902, 32919902, 36890135, 4607538, 474-00026, 474.00026, 47400026, 5000913, 5090-1, 5090.1, 50901, 5501648433, 5501848433, 602046523, 6050126, 6673752, 72276220, 820263, 8395, 90120400, 93-2195, 93.2195, 932195, BSA2031, C946, CA2948, CA9248, CH0414413, e4607538, E6050126, ED0021751660, K121182320, K121182321, M113621, MD-7542, MD.7542, MD7542, RS3715, T53212, T53213, YMR-001371, YMR001371

Product Specifications

More Information
L&S Part No. LA1485
OEM No. A630
Unit of Sale 1
Size Height: 185mm x O/D: 90mm x I/D: 45mm / Blank
Applications Kubota: D722, D722-E, Yanmar: 2TNE68E, 2TNV70-ASA, 2TNV70-HGE, 3TN70 Series, 3TNE68, 3TNE74, 3TNM68-AS, 3TNM68-GA, 3TNM68-HA, 3TNM72-AS, 3TNM72-GA, 3TNM72-HA, Wacker: G12, G25 Generator, Bobcat: 319, 320, 320D, 320G, 321, 322D, 322G, 323, 324, 418, E08, E10, E14, E16, E20, E25, E26, Case: CX15, CX15B, CX15B, CX16, CX16B, CX17B, CX18B, CX18B, CX18B Series 2, Caterpillar: 300.9D, 301.4C, 301.6C, 301.8C, 301.7D, 302.2D, 302.4D, 302.7D, Doosan: Solar 15 Plus, Solar 18VT, Hitachi: EX17U, ZX10U-2, ZX16, ZX16, ZX17U-2, ZX18, ZX18, ZX22U-2, ZX25, ZX25, ZX8-2, JCB: 8014, 8016, 8018, 8020, Micro 8008, Micro Plus T2, John Deere: 17D, 17G, 17ZTS, Kobelco: 17SR-3, SK17SR-3, SK20SR-2, SK25SR-2, Komatsu: PC09-1, PC12R-8, PC14R-3, PC14R-3 HS, PC15R-8, PC16R-3, PC16R-3 HS, PC18MR-2, PC18MR-3, PC20MR-1, PC20MRx-1, PC20MR-2, PC20MR-3, PC20R-8, PC20UU-3, PC26MR-3, New Holland: E10SR, E16, E18, E16B, E18B, E18SR, EC15, Takeuchi: TB014, TB016, TB108, TB108, TB15 FR, TB23 FR, TB23R, Terex: HR1.6, HR11, HR12, HR13, TC15, TC16, TC20, Volvo: EC13, EC15, EC15B, EC18D, EC20, EC20B, Yanmar: B08-3, SV08-1, SV08-1A, Vio15-2, Terex: AL4000, Kubota: BX1500, BX1500D, BX1800 Mower, BX1800D, BX1830D, BX1850D, BX1860D, BX22, BX2200 Mower, BX2200D, BX2230D, BX22LB-B, BX23LB-B, BX23LB-T, BX2350D, BX2360, BX2370, BX24, BX25, BX25D, BX2660, BX2660D, BX2670, G18, G18HD, G2160, G2460G, GR2110, GR2120, T1810, TG1860, ZD18, ZD21, ZD21, ZD221, ZD25F, ZD28, ZD321, RTV500, RTV900R-ASD, RTV900S-ASD, RTV900T-TSD, RTV900W-HSD, Kubota: KX014-4, KX015-4, KX018-4, KX019-4, Thwaites: 1 Tonne Hi-Tip (MACH 201), 1 Tonne Powerswivel (MACH 202)
Fits Brands Alco Filters, Ausa, Baldwin, Bobcat, Briggs & Stratton, Caterpillar, Crosland, Daewoo, Fram, Greyfriars, Halla, Ingersoll Rand, Jacobsen, JCB, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kohler, Kubota, Lombardini, Mann & Hummel, New Holland, Pel Job, Schaeff, Schuup, TFS, Thwaites, Toro, Towerlight, Virgis Filters, Volvo, Walker, Yanmar
Machine Type All Terrain Vehicles, Diggers, Dumpers, Engines, Generators, Lighting Towers, Mowers, Tractors
Fits Models KX015-4 |  KX018-4 |  801 |  802 |  8008 |  8014 |  8015 |  8016 |  8018 |  TB014 |  TB016 |  TB108 |  TB15 |  TB23R |  EC13 |  EC15 |  EC15B |  EC18 |  EC20 |  EC20B |  B08 |  B10 |  B15 |  SV08 |  VIO15 |  VIO15-2 |  320 |  322 |  E08 |  E10 |  E14 |  301.6 |  301.8 |  CX16B |  CX18B

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