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Repairing the Spark Plug Threads for a Honda GX160 using a M14 Helicoil Kit

Laura Published on Jun 30, 2020 View Comments

In this video, we show you how to repairing the Spark Plug Threads for a Honda GX160 using a M14 Helicoil Kit.


Today we're going to show you an easy way to re-thread a spark plug hole, as demonstrated on a Honda GX160 engine cylinder head. We may need to rethread the spark plug hole, especially when it has been left in the cylinder for years, which can cause the spark plug to bond to the head. Therefore when you want to change the plug, it might damage the thread when removing. As a result we need to rethread this part so we can replace the spark plug. A standard size is M14x1.25mm for a spark plug, however you will need to check as some engines differ and you may need another size helicoil kit. Firstly you need to remove the spark plug using an appropriate socket spanner. Using the tapping tool provided and a ratchet or spanner 200m-8”, cut the new holding threads into the hole. You can also use a recommended cutting oil to lubricate the tool. When repairing the spark plug thread, no pre-drilling is necessary if using the spark plug tap, so this method is very easy and simple to do. You will also need to consider the thread length, so you know which spring to use. You can do this by comparing with the appropriate spark plug. When you have created new threads, get the new insert on the installation tool and position the adjustable ring, so that the tang is centred on the tang slot. Wind the new insert in with a downwards pressure until half a turn below the surface. Do not work against the direction. Then, remove the tool. To release the tang, use long nose pliers or in this case a screwdriver, by gently tapping at the end, so that the tang breaks off. You can now replace the spark plug loosely and then tighten using a 21mm socket spanner until secure. That's how you re-thread the spark plug hole in the cylinder head on a Honda GX160 Engine using a M14 X 1.25mm Helicoil Kit.


Parts and tools included in the GX160 Engine how-to video.

  • 14mm Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - 902 1542

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