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Common Troubleshooting Issues for the Belle Minimix 150 Mixer

Laura Published on Apr 25, 2019 View Comments

The Belle Minimix 150 is a common mixer used for construction projects across the UK. The mixer hasn't changed substantially since it first went into production. However, as with all working machines that are in constant use, you may from time to time encounter issues. Correctly identifying the problem can save time and money when repairing these mixers.

Here are some common issues you may face with the Belle Minimix 150 (and how to troubleshoot and fix them!)

Snapped Belt

It may seem obvious but, a snapped belt is one of the most common issues. It’s also one of the easiest to identify on these machines, as the motor will run without the drum spinning. This is due to constant use, meaning the belts are worn down. It's always worth having a few spare belts so you don’t get stuck!

The Machine Runs then Stops

If your Belle Minimix 150 runs when it is first switched on, it suggests that the switch and the capacitor are working. A common cause for the machines to stop running at this point could be that the motor fan is broken or missing blades. This fan is designed to take the warm air away from the motor, so with this element damaged after a few minutes of running the motor can overheat and shut down. These fans are available separately.

Blown Capacitor

Holding the start button for too long can blow the capacitor. If the mixer won't start and you can't hear a buzz when you press the start button, it could be either the switch or the capacitor. A simple way to identify what is causing the problem is to try spinning the drum in the direction it should turn whilst pressing the start button. If the mixer then starts, this will indicate that the capacitor is no longer working and needs replacing.

Broken Switch

If you have tested the mixer by spinning the drum and it still does not run it could mean that the switch is broken or not working properly. In this case it is worth testing the switch to see if it needs replacing before moving to other more costly parts of the machine.


The gearbox also causes a few common problems on the Belle Minimix 150. Without regular servicing and greasing (EP90 oil is available here) the gears can be worn down over time, due to friction. You will be able to hear if the gearbox has worn down as this will create a grating noise. Any grating or abnormal noise coming from the gearbox should be dealt with before causing further damage. In extreme cases, if left without maintenance the mixer motor / engine will start but the drum will not spin. In this case, it may be because the worm gear and the drive gear have worn down and no longer are in contact with each other.

We hope you found our common troubleshooting tips helpful. Please note that although the tips above can be used they will not always fix the problem, as every machine and problem has different factors attached to it.

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