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Access platforms, also known as aerial work platforms or elevated work platforms, are mechanical devices that are used to provide safe and efficient access to elevated areas for construction, maintenance, ect. These platforms are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and maintenance.

There are various types of access platforms available, including: Scissor Lifts: These platforms have a scissor-like mechanism that extends vertically, providing a stable and spacious work platform. Boom Lifts: These platforms have an extendable arm (or boom) that allows both vertical and horizontal reach, making them suitable for accessing areas at different heights and angles. Articulating Lifts: These platforms have multiple hinged sections, enabling them to navigate around obstacles and access hard-to-reach areas. Vertical Mast Lifts: These platforms have a vertical mast that extends vertically, making them compact and suitable for indoor or narrow spaces.