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Repairing a Broken Rope in a Recoil Starter

Hannah 31 days ago View Comments

When it comes to starting your machine from garden to small plant, the last thing you would expect is the rope in your recoil starter to break. Over time with continuous wear, strain and pulling too harshly, it can cause your rope to fray and eventually snap. Fortunately this is a simple fix that can be repaired very quickly.

Here is an example of how to repair the rope in a TS410/TS420 Recoil Starter:

1 - Remove the recoil starter from your machine and free the broken rope from the recoil starter. If it’s broken, you should be able to pull the rope free from the recoil. You may have to unwind the rope then pull to release.

2 - Get your new rope which is correct for your machine, and with safety precautions, light both ends of the rope. Wear appropriate gloves so you can seal the ends, making it easier to thread through the holes.

3 - Thread through the rope in the handle and secure in a tight double knot.

4 - Align the holes for the new rope in the recoil, then insert the rope and pull through with a pick.

5 - Tie the end into a tight double knot and secure. Then pack the knot into the recoil.

6 - To tighten the rope so it has more tension, place the rope into the slot and wind anticlockwise. (Sometimes other recoil starters do not have a slot, therefore you will need to be careful winding this round the outer so it doesn't retract back). This was roughly done 6 times and can be easily adjusted. If there is too much tension this can have a damaging effect on the spring.

7 - Test the recoil starter to make sure that it has the correct tension and secure back onto your machine.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

TS410 & TS420 Recoil Assembly Available Here

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