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Maintenance and Troubleshooting a Belle PCLX Plate Compactor

Hannah 19 days ago View Comments

Maintenance and Troubleshooting a Belle Plate Compactor - PCLX

Plate compactors are a common piece of machinery, used to level and prepare sturdy surfaces for various projects such as bases for buildings, driveways, sheds, outbuildings, paths and roads. Compaction reduces air voids and therefore, reduces the risk of subsidence, expansion and contraction, due to ingress of water.

As a frequently used machine, compactors require regular maintenance to eliminate potential issues; caused by use in bad conditions and from consistent vibration.

Here is a maintenance and troubleshooting guide for your plate compactor

Maintenance Guide:

Maintenance is designed to give many years of trouble free operation. Before any maintenance is carried out on the machine, switch off the engine and disconnect the HT lead from the spark plug. Always set the ‘PCLX’ on level ground to ensure any fluid levels will be correctly read.

The vibrator shaft case oil must be replaced after the first 100 hours of use, then after every 500 working hours.

Petrol Honda GX100 Engine:

Routine Maintenance
After first 4
First Month/
20 hours
3 months/
50 hours
6 months/
100 hours
Engine Oil SAE 10W 30 Check Level
Air Filter Check Condition
Clean and Replace
Spark Plug - bm4a or bmr4a Check and Clean
Drive Belt Tension

Troubleshooting Guide:

Engine Will Not Start?

No fuel - If the engine has no fuel, you can check this by opening the fuel cap and seeing the min and max levels and then fill to the specified level.

Engine switched off - If the engine is switched off, simply switch the engine on.

Spark plug fouled - Clean and reset the spark plug gap if the spark plug is fouled.

Cold engine - Close the choke if the engine is cold.

Engine flooded - If the engine is flooded, open the choke, fully open the throttle, pull the recoil starter until the engine fires.

Engine still will not start & the unit will not vibrate?

Major fault - Contact Agent or Altrad Belle

Engine speed is too slow - Set engine speed control to fast.

Drive belt tension loose- Adjust the belt tension if the belt tension is loose.

Air Filter blocked - Clean or renew the air filter if it’s blocked.v

Drive failure - Contact Agent or Altrad Belle.

Vibrator failure - Contact Agent or Altrad Belle.

Asphalt adhering to plate. Bituminous surface. Flaking (laminating)

Lack of lubrication - Use water for lubrication.

Over compaction - Remove and relay.

Low travel speed (plate sinking)

Layer thickness too deep - Remove some of the material.

Moisture content too high or too low - Remove the material and adjust.


  • https://www.hirestation.co.uk/media/26794/belle-pclx320-lightweight-forward-plate-compactor-instruction-manual.pdf
  • http://www.altrad-belle.com/_media/pdf/opman/comp/870-10002-4.pdf
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