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How to Change the Fuel Filter and Oil on a Hatz 1D42S Engine

Matthew Published on Feb 06, 2020 View Comments

In this video, we show you how to change the Fuel Filter and Oil on a Hatz 1D42S Engine.

Health & Safety Warning - Please ensure that you have safely prepared the machine and workspace. If you are unsure about any aspect of the task please seek professional advice.


Today we are going to change the Fuel Filter and Oil on a Hatz 1D42S Engine. Loosen the first bracket using a 10mm Hex Socket, placing the flat washer and Nut in a safe place. Then loosen the second bracket using a 10mm Hex Socket removing the Screw, Nut and Washer. The fuel hose can now be partially freed from the Engine. Now close the fuel feed line, this prevents diesel leaking from the fuel tank. To do this you can use Long Nose Locking Pliers to stop this. Place the tool over the hose above the fuel filter and secure tightly. Make sure you have a rag or a bowl underneath to stop any spillages. You can now prise the hose from the Fuel Filter. Using pliers remove the fuel hose from underneath, releasing the filter. You can now change the filter. Make sure the arrows are pointing down. Reattach the top of the filter back into the hose. To bleed the air out of the filter, remove the pliers and tilt the disconnected side upwards, until the fuel is slightly pouring out. Afterwards attach the other side of the filter to the other part of the hose. Make sure you have something underneath to catch spillages. Wipe off any excess fuel spilt on the engine. Now to remove the oil you need to use an Allen key to unscrew the oil drain plug. Allow the oil to drain into a tray or suitable container. Make sure that the oil drain plug is clean and replace the copper Washer if necessary. Then return the plug back, tightening with an Allen key. Secure the tube back with the two brackets, fixing with a 10mm Hex Socket Spanner. Now you can replace the oil in the oil filler opening, use the dipstick as a guide comparing it to the min and max markings (Or you can also refer back to the manufactures guide). That is how you change the fuel filter and replace the oil on a Hatz 1D42S Engine.


Parts and tools included in the 1D42S Engine how-to video.

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