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​Finding Serial Numbers on Honda Engines

Alex W 554 days ago View Comments

As a general rule, serial numbers they are printed in or attached to the main core the machine. Obviously it's not normally attached to peripheral parts as these are more likely to be damaged and removed. So with this in mind, for an engine, this means it is normally found somewhere on the crankcase. Here is a quick guide which may come in handy when you want to find a serial number on a specific Honda Engine model.

Honda Serial Number Format

A Honda serial number will always have a 4-5 letter prefix which is followed by 7 numbers giving you the complete identity of the engine.

Honda produce a wide range of different engine series and many of them have a different location for the serial number. To make it easier the guide below has been broken down into each series and points to where you can locate serial number for each model.

Honda GX Range


– Left-hand side of the recoil assembly, sitting underneath the air filter casing.

GX120 / GX160 / GX200 / GX240 / GX270 / GX340 / GX390

– Located on the left hand side of the machine (when looking at the shaft), underneath the fuel tank.


– This is located towards the back of the machine and is on the right side of the oil filter.

GX610 / GX620 / GX670

– To the right hand side of the recoil assembly/fan housing, inbetween the spark plug and oil drain bolt.

GX630 / GX660 / GX690

– Towards the bottom of the machine on the left hand side when facing the shaft.

Honda GXV Range


– Underneath the recoil assembly on the left hand side of the oil filler.

GXV270 / GXV340 / GXV390

– Underneath the recoil assembly on the left hand side of the oil filler.

GXV610 / GXV620 / GXV670

– On the right hand side, when looking from above with the cylinders furthest away from you.

Honda GP Range

GP160 / GP200

– On the left hand side of the machine, when facing the shaft, below the fuel tank.

Honda GCV Range

GCV135 / GCV160

– Underneath the recoil assembly on the opposite side of the fuel tank cap.

GCV520 / GCV530

– In between the two cylinders (with "OHV" casings) and sits underneath the air filter housing.

GC135 / GC160

– On the right left side of the machine when facing the shaft, on the same side as the oil filler.

Honda G Range

G100 / G150 / G200

– On the left hand side when looking at the shaft, near the oil drain plug.

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