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Driving in the Snow || 2017

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Driving in the Snow

As the UK is expecting snow this weekend, and throughout Winter we've created a guide to help keep you safe on the road.

Drive Only if Necessary

If you look outside and there is 10cm of Snow ask yourself, is your journey necessary? Its cold, it's slippery, and driving in snow can be dangerous. Getting stuck on the road, or staying in with the heating on and a cup of tea, which sounds better? If you can leave the trip until tomorrow, it might be best to stay inside.

Car Safety – Before you Set Out

Pack an Emergency Car Kit! If you get stuck the last thing you want is to realise that you haven't got any warm clothes, drink or food to keep you going until recovery gets there or the traffic clears.

Emergency Car Kit:

  • • Shovel
  • • Blanket
  • • Warm Clothes
  • • Non-Perishable Food
  • • First Aid Kit
  • • Fully Charged Mobile Phone
  • • Jump Leads
  • • Ice Scraper & Deicing Fluid
  • • Grit, Sand or Cat Litter

It's better to be more prepared, then not be prepared at all. When planning a journey, long or short, you should allow extra time to arrive at your destination, as well as taking a longer route if the normal one takes you through small roads that are unlikely to have been gritted.

Car Maintenance

  • • Car tyres are a very important factor in keeping safe this Winter. The recommended tyre thread is 3mm in wet conditions. If the snow continues it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of Winter tyres.
  • • Make sure to regularly clean your car in the Winter, the salt used to de-ice the roads can cause corrosion to the metal on your car over time.
  • • It is a good idea to get a car health check before the harsh weather sets in,some garages offer this service for free.

Tips for Driving in Snow

  • • Make sure your footwear is dry, snow and rain can cause pedals to get extremely slippery.
  • • Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly. Remember your stopping distance is greatly increased in wet, slippery weather. Leave plenty of time for your journey, it is going to take longer in extreme weather conditions.
  • • When breaking apply firm, steady pressure with the ball of your foot. If you haven't had a service in a while Winter is a good time get these checked.
  • • When you approach a bend make sure that you break well before you start turning your wheel.
  • • If you are struggling to see through the low Winter sun make sure to have a pair of sunglasses to hand to reduce the glare and strain to your eyes.
  • • To ensure best possible control over your vehicle make sure to keep your speed, breaking, acceleration, and gear changes smooth and slow.
  • • If you encounter a skid, do not panic, keep your hands firmly on the wheel and steer gently into the spin. Remember if you are accelerating to slowly remove your foot from the pedal. Do not slam on the breaks.

For more advice on how to tackle Winter driving be sure to check out RAC's complete guide to safe driving in the snow.

L&S 1969 to 1986 || The Beginning of L&S Engineers

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Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring the real beginnings of L&S Engineers, make sure you're following to stay up to date with our latest posts!

Starting in 1969 Wyn Lees & Alan Shaw came together to form a Plant Spares & Engineering business. A conversation with a friend running a business fixing contractors machinery set the ball rolling for Wyn, who was working with plant spares and running the stores at Reliant Plant in Walsall Wood. He was joined by Alan who worked for Tube Investments at Aldridge Airport as a development engineer. Together they had the skills and knowledge they needed to create the business which would later be known as L&S!

You can also follow the story on our Facebook page! Link below to like our page and never miss a post.

Christmas Gift Guide || 2017

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We have some amazing offers on for a limited time only as part of our Winter Tools promotion, we've picked out our favourite bits, and pieces we think would make great Christmas presents this year! (or to treat yourself, because if you cant do that at Christmas when can you)

1. If you're looking for a stocking filler that is sure to measure up, look no further then our Stanley 16ft Tape Measure, was £5.83 now £3.33!

2. Know someone that pushes their backpack to the limit, are the seams coming apart? This Roughneck Heavy Duty Back Pack should to the trick this Christmas. It has a 30kg carrying capacity, was £44.99 now £22.49!

3. We all know someone with 'that' draw, they have everything they need but it may take a while to find it. This Plastic Organiser kit is the solution. Just the right size for screws, needles, pins, thread, small attachments and more, was £23.33 now £12.49!

4. After a year of loosing socks in the wash and having no matching pairs, Christmas is the perfect time to add a pair of Boot Socks as a stocking filler, was £8.33 now £4.99!

5. Torches are always useful, but hard to keep to hand. This Lighthouse Pocket Torch solves that problem, and its the perfect size to fit in a stocking, was £10.83 now £7.49!

6. If you buying for a handy man/women this Christmas a Bacho Set of Adjustable Wrenches might be the way to go, was £49.99 now £24.99!

7. If you're looking to splash out on someone special this Christmas why not choose an Hitachi Combi Drill, a gift that will keep on giving for those handy men / women in your life, was £120 now £99.99!

8. For anyone working with wood (or looking to create Pinochio) this Faithful Carpenters Tool Set will be a welcome gift this Christmas, was £91.66 now £33.33!

9. The perfect companion to a new laptop ( or just a refresh ) This Stanley Laptop Bag delivers security, durability & comfort all in one, was £49.99 now £33.33!

10. This Stanley Bevel Edged Wood Chisel Set has been designed for tradesmen/women. All comes in a carry case making is a great present, was £24.99 now £16.66!

These Boots were Made for Walking... || 10 Working & Walking Boots

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As we head into the colder months its time to update, and renew our boots! The tread may have gone, the leather may have scuffed, its time to treat yourself!

1 Nov 2017 10:41:48

1. The Bobcat Low Ankle Hiker Boots (£39.80) Lightweight design, with a reflective trim for working/walking in low light conditions

2. If you're not into boots, Caracal Safety Trainers (£39.80) are the way to go! These are lightweight and hard wearing. They are equipped with a toe cap, and resistant to 200 joules! (The steel mid-sole adds even more protection)

3. The good old fashioned Wellington Boot (£12.95) Walking in the mud, through puddles, and fields. These will prevent you from any unnecessary trips and falls with there anti-slip, treaded soles.

4. You want working boots, but you want something a little more stylish? Ocelot Blake Dealer Safety Boots (£39.80) are safety and style combined. They are lace free, so easy to fit and remove!

5. The popular choice for working boots, 4 D-Ring Chukka Safety Boots (£23.35), will never do you wrong. They are designed to be durable, and perfect for the construction, agriculture and engineering industries.

6. Ankle support is important when you're working on your feet all day, Lynx Safety Boots (£43.35) provide the perfect solution. The padded ankle collar and tongue provide extra comfort and support.

7. Do you need Wellingtons for work and pleasure these Safety Wellingtons (£16.85) are the way to go! These Wellies are powerful, with steel toe caps and mid-sole, with soles that are oil, acid, alkaline, and heat (180 degrees) resistant!

8. If laces are your thing Sevral Ankle Boots (£39.80) feature the popular loop and hooks system for extra security and better fit.

9. Working inside and outside can be a right hassle, you don't want to keep taking off and putting your boots back on, but you also want to keep the indoor area hygienic and clean. Disposable Overshoes (£9.30) offer a simple yet effective solution. The soles are designed to be extra durable and the elastic will never fail you.

10. Texas Lined Rigger Boots (£38.75) combine comfort and safety, they are ideal for construction and haulage industries and outdoor workers. These are fleece lined and cushioned insoles for arch support for additional comfort.

Season Essentials || 10 Autumn Essentials 2017

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1 Nov 2017 10:41:48Autumn is now in full swing, we've even had to turn the heating on. As the new season begins we came up with a list of 10 essentials we think will make the colder months a breeze...

1. The last garden clear out of the year before it gets to cold requires a Wheelbarrow (£35.10) the trustee gardening companion.

2. When you don't need to heat the whole house, or you have one particularly cold room there is nothing better then a small Fan Heater (£32.20)

3. It's getting colder, you don't want to individually pull up all those pesky weeds, the solution a Weedkiller Spray (£3.70)

4.You're driving home, it's raining, you get a puncture, instead of having to change the tyre on the side the road, a Tyre Puncture Fix will get you home (£8.85)

5. We all know the feeling of waking up in the morning and your car windows have iced over, and you realise that you haven't yet made the yearly purchase of a De-icer Spray (£2.45) yet!

6. An Ice Scrapper (£1.95) is the perfect partner to a de-icer spray, often bought once a year when you can't figure out where you put last years one

7. Grit, rain, cold, and a slight risk of rust are coming this season. A simple way of protecting your car from the Autumnal elements? A Stone Chip Shield spray(£7.35), it couldn't be easier.

8. Gardening Gloves (£4.05) go hand in hand with clearing the way for Autumn outside, offering protection from those ever-growing bushes and thorns!

9. If your garden is surrounded by trees, you know the feeling of looking out the window and seeing more leaves on your lawn then on the trees! If you want to feel like an expert in clearing them a Leaf Blower (£37.15) is the way to go.

10. A cheaper alternative to a leaf blower and the good old fashioned way of collecting those fallen leaves, the Garden Rake (£11.85)

About L&S Engineers || Who Are We?

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L&S Engineers wa founded in 1971 by Wyn Lees and Alan Shaw. A humble beginning, working in a rented garage making custom fabrications, to selling a small number of spares, and finally being a part of the booming spares business today. Located in Brownhills, just outside Walsall the company is now one of the leading suppliers of plant & garden machinery spares.

Our speciality? Helping our customers source everything they need, if we can source it you can buy it. Our dedicated Sales Team are on hand to help each and every one of our customers, with a wealth of knowledge behind them there is no question too big, or too small.

As a company it was decided that the next step in our journey was to create a blog. The aim, to answer any questions our customers have about the products we sell. We have some of our most commonly asked questions ready to be answered over the next couple weeks, and we will be looking to our customers, you, to ask us anything you need answering about our products.

  • How to keep your lawnmower in top condition?
  • How to prepare your machines for Winter?
  • How to replace a chainsaw guide bar & chain?
  • Why wont my chainsaw start?

This blog will also be the hub for any promotions and exciting news we have. So keep your eyes peeled. To make sure you keep up to date with all the latest new, and posts from L&S Engineers make sure you are following!