NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug

NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug

NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug Genuine NGK Part OEM No. BPR6ES

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Part No. BPR6ES

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NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug
Genuine NGK Part
NGK Stock No 7822
L&S Part No.BPR6ES
Unit of Sale1
OEM No.7822
Part TypeGenuine Part
Part CategoryIgnition & Electrics
ApplicationsGX110, GX120, GX140, GX160, GX240, GX340, GX390, AGRIA 8000 (Honda GCV190 engine), AGRIA 5100 Rabbit (Honda GCV160 engine), AGRIA 5300 (Honda GX160, GX200 engines), AGRIA 8000 Shrub cutter (Honda GCV160 engine), AGRIA 400 P (Honda GX200 engine), AGRIA 8200-V4 (Honda GC135 engine), AGRIA 7100 Cleanstar Basic, Compact (Honda GCV135 engine), AGRIA 7100 Cleanstar Comfort, Premium (Honda GCV160 engine), AGRIA 100-R (Honda GX160 engine), AGRIA 900/S (Honda GCV135 engine), AGRIA 1000 (Honda GCV160 engine), AGRIA 1600 Farmstar Compact (Honda GX160 engine), AGRIA 1600 Farmstar Premium (Honda GX200 engine), AGRIA 3100 (Honda GX160 engine), AGRIA 3500 (Honda GX160 engine), AL-KO 4210H, 4210HPD, 4610H, 4610HPD (Honda GCV135 engine), AL-KO 4710HW, 4800Pro H (Honda GCV135 engine), AL-KO 5210HPD, 5210HW, 5250HWS (Honda GCV160 engine), AL-KO 5300Pro, 5300Pro BBC (Honda engines), ALLEN 440, 446, 450 Hover series (Honda GCV160 engine), ALPINA Pro 48LMHK, Pro 48LSHK (Honda GCV135 engines), ALPINA Pro 50ASHK Plus, Pro 53LVHK, Pro 55ASHK3 Plus (Honda GCV160 engine), ALPINA Power 48LSHK BW (Honda GCV135 engine), ALPINA Power 53LSHK BW (Honda GCV160 engine), ALPINA Crono 82 R2 HX, BEDFORD BRAVA 2.3, BEDFORD KB PICK UP 1.6, BEDFORD MIDI 1.8, BMW 325 2.5, BSA Gold SR 400 400, CONTINENTAL TM13, TM20, CONTINENTAL TM27, DAEWOO (-->05) ESPERO 1.8, DAEWOO (-->05) ESPERO 2.0, DAEWOO (-->05) KALOS 1.4, DAEWOO (-->05) LANOS 1.4, DAEWOO (-->05) NEXIA 1.5, DAIHATSU 55 WIDE 0.85, DAIHATSU 550 0.6, DAIHATSU DOMINO 0.6, EFCO JET AR 48 TH (Honda engine), EFCO JET AR 53 THX (Honda engine), EFCO JET LR 47 PHQ (Honda engine), EFCO JET LR 48 TH (Honda engine), EFCO JET LR 53 THX, THX ALLROAD (Honda engine), EFCO JET MR 474 TK (Kawasaki engine), EFCO JET MR 534 THV, THVX (Honda engines), EFCO JET MR 534 TK, TKF, TKV, TKVF (Kawasaki engines), EFCO JET TN 3500, TN 5000, TN 5000 HD, TN 5500, TN 5500 H (Honda engines), EFCO JET AG 50 H60 (Honda engine), EFCO JET MZ 2090, MZ 2090 R, MZ 2100 R, MZ 2500 R (Honda engines), FIAT 126 0.7, FIAT 127 1.3, FIAT 128 1.3, FIAT 131 1.4, FIAT 131 1.6, FIAT 131 2.0, FIAT 132 2.0, FIAT ARGENTA 2.0, FIAT CINQUECENTO 0.9, FIAT CITIVAN 1.1, FIAT DUCATO 1.8, FIAT DUCATO 2.0, FIAT FIORINO 1.0, FIAT FIORINO 1.3, FIAT PANDA (-->00) 0.9, FIAT PANDA (-->00) 1.0, FIAT REGATA 1.3, FIAT REGATA 1.6, FIAT SEICENTO 0.9, FIAT STRADA 1.1, FIAT STRADA 1.3, FIAT STRADA 1.5, FIAT STRADA 1.6, FIAT TEMPRA 1.4, FIAT TIPO 1.4, FIAT UNO 0.9, FIAT UNO 1.1, FIAT UNO 1.3, FIAT UNO 1.4, FIAT X1/9 1.5, FLYMO XL500 (Honda GCV160 engine), FORD 67, 98, 104 cu.inch, FORD 104 cu.inch 75-->78, FORD CAPRI 1.3, FORD CAPRI 2.3, FORD CAPRI 2.8, FORD CAPRI 3.0, FORD CONSUL 1.7, FORD CONSUL 2.0, FORD CONSUL 3.0, FORD CORTINA MK3, MK4, MK5 1.3, MK5 2.3, FORD ESCORT (-->80) 1.1, FORD ESCORT (-->80) 1.3, FORD ESCORT (-->80) 1.6, FORD FIESTA (-->81) 1.3, FORD GRANADA 2.0, FORD GRANADA 2.3, FORD GRANADA 2.5, FORD GRANADA 2.8, FORD GRANADA 3.0, FORD SIERRA 2.3, FORD SIERRA 2.8, FORD TRANSIT 3.0, HAYTER Honda engines - GCV135 or GCV160, HAYTER Allen Hover - 446 Hovertrim - 18'' Push (Honda GCV135 engine), HAYTER Allen Hover - 450 Professional - 20'' Push (Honda GCV160 engine), HAYTER Allen Hover - 453 Professional - 21'' Push (Honda GCV160 engine), HAYTER Allen Hover - Domestic 45 - 18'' Push (Honda GCV135 engine), HAYTER Condor Hydrostatic (Honda GX340 engine), HAYTER Motif 41 Push Steel Deck (Honda GCV135 engine), HAYTER Motif 48 Auto Drive Steel Deck (Honda GCV135 engine), HAYTER Motif 48 Push Steel Deck (Honda GCV135 engine), HAYTER Motif 53 Auto Drive Steel Deck (Honda GCV160 engine), HONDA EB1900X, HONDA EB-4500X, HONDA EC2000, EC2100, HONDA EC2200, EC2200K1, HONDA EC3600, HONDA EC4000, HONDA EC5000, HONDA EC6000, HONDA ECM2800, HONDA ECT7000, HONDA ED1000X, HONDA EG1400X, HONDA EG1500X, HONDA EG1900X, HONDA EG2200X, HONDA EM25, EM30, HONDA EM1200X (GX110), HONDA EM1400X, HONDA EM1500X, HONDA EM1800X, HONDA EM1900X, HONDA EM2200, HONDA EM2200X, HONDA EM4500SX, HONDA EW171, HONDA EX1900, HONDA EX2100, HONDA EX2200, HONDA EX3000S, HONDA EX3300, HONDA EX4000S, HONDA EX4500, HONDA HC20, HC26, HONDA HRB425 CPD, CQD, CPX, CPQX, CSQ, CQX, CSX, HONDA HRB475 SM, QM, HONDA HRB476 CSX, CHX, HONDA HRB536 CHX, HONDA HRD535 QM, HONDA HRD536 HM, QX, HONDA HRG415 CPD/CSD (IZY), HONDA HRG465 CPD/CSD (IZY), HONDA HRG536 CSD (IZY), HONDA HRH536 QX, HX, HONDA HRM536 CTX, HONDA HRS536, HONDA HRX426 PX, RX, SX, HONDA HRX476, HY, VY, HONDA HRX537 HX, HZ, HONDA HRZ536 TD, HONDA UM516E, 536EBE, 616EBE, HONDA HP500, HONDA GC135, HONDA GC160, HONDA GC190, HONDA GCV135, HONDA GCV160, HONDA GCV190, HONDA GS160, HONDA GS190, HONDA GSV190 - Pressure washer use only, HONDA GX110, HONDA GX120, HONDA GX120 K1, HONDA GX140, HONDA GX160, HONDA GX160 K1, HONDA GX200, HONDA GX240K, HONDA GX270, HONDA GX340 K1, HONDA GX390, HONDA GX390 K1, HONDA GX610, HONDA GX620, HONDA iGX240, HONDA iGX270, HONDA iGX340, HONDA iGX390, HONDA FF300, HONDA FF500, HONDA FG315, HONDA FG500, HONDA W40, HONDA WB20, HONDA WD20X, HONDA WD30, HONDA WH20, HONDA WH20X, HONDA WMP20X, HONDA WP20, WP30, HONDA WT20, HONDA ACTY 0.6, HONDA CIVIC (-->96) 1.2, HONDA PRELUDE 1.8, HUSQVARNA AR19, HUSQVARNA 5521CM, HUSQVARNA GX 560, HUSQVARNA M 48 Pro, HUSQVARNA M 53S Pro, HUSQVARNA Royal 46S, HUSQVARNA Royal 48SEK, 48SK, HUSQVARNA Royal 53SE, 53SEK, HUSQVARNA WB 48S e, HUSQVARNA WB 53S e, HUSQVARNA YTH 1120-14, HUSQVARNA R 53SV, R 152SVH, HUSQVARNA SC18, HUSQVARNA SG13, HYUNDAI PONY 1.3, HYUNDAI PONY 1.5, ISUZU PIAZZA 2.0, ISUZU TROOPER 2.3, ISUZU TROOPER 2.6, KAWASAKI KAF400 A, B (Mule 600/610) 400, KAWASAKI Z750 Y1 (LTD Twin) 750, KAWASAKI Z1300 A2-A5 1300, KAWASAKI ZG1300 A1-A3 Fuel Injection 1300, B (Mule 600/610), KAZUMA Mammoth 800, KAZUMA Mammoth, KIPOR IG3000, LADA NIVA 1.7, LANCIA DEDRA 1.6, LANCIA PRISMA 1.5, LANCIA PRISMA 1.6, LANCIA Y10 1.0, LANCIA Y10 1.3, LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 1 & 2 3.5, LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 1 & 2 3.9, LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 1 3.5, LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 1 3.9, LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 1 4.2, LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 2 4.0, LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 2 4.6, LML Star Deluxe 150, LOTUS ESPRIT 2.2, MAKITA FLG5000, MAKITA PLM4814, MAKITA PLM5113, MAKITA GSP5500, MAZDA 323 1.3, MAZDA 323 1.6, MAZDA 626 1.6, MAZDA 626 2.0, MAZDA 929 1.8, MAZDA B1600 1.6, MAZDA B1800 1.8, MAZDA B2000 2.0, MAZDA E2000 2.0, McCULLOCH M51-160CMDA Alu, McCULLOCH MFT60 120R, McCULLOCH MFT85 160R, MG RV8 3.9, MITSUBISHI CELESTE 1.6, MITSUBISHI COLT (-->04) 1.2, MITSUBISHI COLT (-->04) 1.3, MITSUBISHI COLT (-->04) 1.5, MITSUBISHI COLT (-->04) 1.6, MITSUBISHI COLT (-->04) 1.8, MITSUBISHI CORDIA 1.6, MITSUBISHI GALANT 1.6, MITSUBISHI GALANT 1.8, MITSUBISHI GALANT 2.0, MITSUBISHI L200 2.0, MITSUBISHI LANCER (-->01) 1.2, MITSUBISHI LANCER (-->01) 1.5, MITSUBISHI LANCER (-->01) 1.6, MITSUBISHI LANCER (-->01) 1.8, MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1.4, MITSUBISHI SAPPORO 2.0, MITSUBISHI SPACE WAGON 1.8, MITSUBISHI TREDIA 1.6, MORGAN 4-4 1.6, MORGAN PLUS 4 2.0, MORGAN PLUS 8 3.5, MORGAN PLUS 8 3.9, MOTO GUZZI Bellagio 940 (Twin Spark)

Customer questions & answers

Is the gap pre-set? What to? Thank you

The gap is preset at 0.9mm (0.35") by NGK.

Thanks for your question.
Alex answered on 6 September 2016

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  1. "best company for spares" - Reviewed by joe semmons on 02/09/2016


    "i've used l&s for over 20 years, wynn and the team are second to none"

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