NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug

NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug

NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug Genuine NGK Part OEM No. BPMR7A, 0000 400 7000 NGK Stock No 4626

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Part No. BPMR7A

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NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug
Genuine NGK Part
OEM No. BPMR7A, 0000 400 7000
NGK Stock No 4626
L&S Part No.BPMR7A
Unit of Sale1
OEM No.4626
Part TypeGenuine Part
ApplicationsALPINA BL 250H, BL 620B, ALPINA Star 31D, Star 36D, ALPINA Star 41, Star 41D, Star 41F, ALPINA Star 45DP, Star 45FP, Star 45P, ALPINA Star 55DP, Star 55FP, Star 55P, ALPINA P 680, ALPINA PR 270, DOLMAR PB-500 R, DOLMAR MS-4510, DOLMAR PS-34, PS-45, PS-350, PS-420, PS-460, PS-510, PS-600, PS-3410-TH, PS-5100, PS-5105 / H, DOLMAR PS-6400 / C / CH / H / W, PS-6800, PS-7300 / H, PS-7900 / H, PS-9000, PS-9010, DOLMAR PS-7310 / H, PS-7910 / H / W, DOLMAR 309, 343 Happy Start, DOLMAR LT30, DOLMAR MS30C, DOLMAR PD491, DOLMAR PC-6430, PC-6435, PC-6530, PC-6535, PC-7330, PC-7335, DOLMAR PC-7412, PC-7414, DOLMAR PC-7430, PC-7435, PC-8135, PC-8140, PC-8240, ECHO EA400, EA500, ECHO SRM-5000U, ECHO CS-8002, EFCO JET SA 2062, EFCO JET 8250, 8300/50/55, 8400/05/60/65, 8530/35/50, EFCO JET DS 3800, DS 4200, EFCO JET Stark 25, 37, 42, EFCO JET Stark 3700, EFCO JET 125, 137, 141, 199, EFCO JET TG 2600, TG 2750, EFCO JET IS 2026, EFCO JET PT/X 2500, FLYMO L300, HOMELITE HT17, HT21, HX16, HUSQVARNA 225AI15, 225AI25, HUSQVARNA 24B, HUSQVARNA 125Bx, 125BVx, HUSQVARNA 141B, 155B, 165BT, HUSQVARNA 225B, 225BX, 225HBV, 356BTx, HUSQVARNA 24C, 26R, 125C, 125L, HUSQVARNA 128R, 128RJ, HUSQVARNA 135R, HUSQVARNA 143R-II, HUSQVARNA 165RX, 240F/L/R/RBD/RJ, 241R, 244GX, 245R/RX, 250R/RX, 252RX, 265RX, HUSQVARNA 223R, 225E, 227L/LD/R/RD/RJ, 232L/R/RD/RJ, 235R, HUSQVARNA 322C/L, 323E/HD60, 325CX/E/HD60/HD75/L/XL/XT, 327RJx, HUSQVARNA 323R-II, 327RDx, 327Rx, HUSQVARNA 327LDx, 327LS, HUSQVARNA 343R, 345RX, HUSQVARNA 535RX, 535RXT, HUSQVARNA 555FRM, 555FX, 555FXT, 555RXT, HUSQVARNA 36, 40, 41, 45, 50, 51, 55, 61, 66, HUSQVARNA 135, 136, 140, 142, HUSQVARNA 235/e, 236/e, 240/e, HUSQVARNA 235P, 250PS, HUSQVARNA 242XP, 242XPG, 254XP, 257, 262XP, 266XP, HUSQVARNA 272S Stump Cutter, HUSQVARNA 272XP, 281XP, 288XP, HUSQVARNA 346XP, 346XPG, 346XP TrioBrake, 353, HUSQVARNA 357XP, 390XP, 394XP, 395XP, HUSQVARNA 365 X-Torq, 372XP X-Torq, 372XPG X-Torq, HUSQVARNA 435/e, 440e, 445e, 450e, 455 Rancher, HUSQVARNA 535FBx, HUSQVARNA 570, 575XP, HUSQVARNA 576XP AutoTune, 576XPG AutoTune, HUSQVARNA 2101XP, 3120XP, HUSQVARNA T425, HUSQVARNA 225H60, 225H75, HUSQVARNA 323HD60, 325HD60x, 325HD75x, HUSQVARNA 327HDA65x, 327HE3x, 327HE4x, HUSQVARNA 3120K, K750, HUSQVARNA K760, K970, K1260, JOHN DEERE 200CS, 230CS, 550CS, JOHN DEERE Tecumseh engines, JONSERED BV2125, JONSERED BC2125, BC2145, CC2036, CC2236, FC2145, FC2255, JONSERED BC2255, JONSERED GC2125, GC2236, GR2026, GR2032/6, GR2126, GT2125, JONSERED GT2124, GT25, JONSERED CS2135/7/8/9, CS2141/5/7, CS2150/2/3/5/6/9, CS2163/5, CS2171, CS2186, CS2255, KAWASAKI KRB-400-B (TEX54DX engine), KAWASAKI TJ45E, KOMATSU ZENOAH AG531, KOMATSU ZENOAH AG4300, KOMATSU ZENOAH EB6200, EB7000, HB2302, HB250, KOMATSU ZENOAH BC430WE, BC530WE, KOMATSU ZENOAH BC2000/3, BC2201DL, BC2310DL, BC251, BC2604DL/W, KOMATSU ZENOAH BC2600LE, KOMATSU ZENOAH BK2651DL, BT251, KOMATSU ZENOAH TR2001/2, KOMATSU ZENOAH G36AV, G36AVS, G50AV, KOMATSU ZENOAH G415AVS, G455AVS, G500AVS, G561AVS, G621AVS, KOMATSU ZENOAH G2500OPS, KOMATSU ZENOAH G2500TS, G3300/E/EZ, G3700/800, G4200/500, G5000/300, G6200, KOMATSU ZENOAH GZ7000, KOMATSU ZENOAH G23LH, KOMATSU ZENOAH G450PU, G450PU-1, KOMATSU ZENOAH MD6210M, KOMATSU ZENOAH NS532, NS2522, KOMATSU ZENOAH CHT2310, eHT752S, eHT602D, HT2310, MAKITA PD491, MAKITA RBL 500, MAKITA DBC 3300/10, DBC 4000/10, MAKITA DBC 4500/10, MAKITA RBC 420E, MAKITA RBC 421L, MAKITA DCS 34, MAKITA DCS 430, MAKITA DCS 520, MAKITA DCS 3400, MAKITA DCS 3400TH, MAKITA DCS 3410, MAKITA DCS 3410TH, MAKITA DCS 4300i, MAKITA DCS 4600S, MAKITA DCS 5200i, MAKITA DCS 6000i, MAKITA DCS 6400, MAKITA DCS 6401, MAKITA DCS 6800i, MAKITA DCS 7300, MAKITA DCS 7301, MAKITA DCS 7900, MAKITA DCS 7901, MAKITA DCS 9000/10, MAKITA DPC6400, DPC6401, DPC6200, MAKITA DPC6410, MAKITA DPC7000, MAKITA DPC7301, MAKITA DPC7311, MAKITA DPC8112, MAKITA DPC9500, MAKITA RBC2110, MAKITA RST210, McCULLOCH M320, McCULLOCH M325, McCULLOCH MAC GBV345, McCULLOCH B28 PS, McCULLOCH MB325CB, McCULLOCH TRIM MAC SL, McCULLOCH CS340, CS380, McCULLOCH CS410 Elite, CS450 Elite, McCULLOCH M3414, M3616, McCULLOCH M3816, M4218, McCULLOCH M4620, McCULLOCH T55, McCULLOCH MT250LK, NAUTAC 011F, 011R, 012R/RD, 026R, 026RF, NAUTAC 028 Turbo, 030 Turbo, 1100T, NAUTAC 170, 232, 236, 246, 252, 262, OLEO-MAC MTL40, MTL51, MTL85, OLEO-MAC BV126, BV162, OLEO-MAC 435, 440, 446, 453, 725, 730, 735, 740, 746, 753, 755, OLEO-MAC Sparta 25, Sparta 37, Sparta 42, OLEO-MAC 925, 937, 941, 999, OLEO-MAC HC260, HC275, HCS275, HT27, OLEO-MAC PP250, PPX250, OLEO-MAC C19/20, OLEO-MAC FS45, SA18, SA30, SA45, SC33, PARTNER BV25, GBV25, PARTNER T330, PARTNER 4200, 4600, 4700, 4900, 5000, 5200, 5300, PIONEER Farmlite, POULAN BP400, POULAN BP402, POULAN BV200, BV1650, B1750, BV1800/50, BV2000, BVM200VS, BVM210VS, POULAN PPB2000, WT200, POULAN BC2500, BC3100/50, POULAN FL20/6, FX25/6, POULAN MX550/7, PL25, POULAN P1500, P2500, POULAN PP025, PP031/3/5/6, PP125/31/33/35/36, PP325/31/33/35/36, POULAN 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DPC6430, K650 Active, K650 MkII, K650 Super, K760, MS170, MS200, MS200T, TS350

Customer questions & answers

Does this fit KM130r

The spark plug for the KM130R is CMR6H.

You can find it via this link:

Thanks for your question.
Alex answered on 16 August 2016

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