Primary Air Filter for Yanmar, Thwaites, Kubota, Takeuchi, JCB

Primary Air Filter for Yanmar, Thwaites, Kubota, Takeuchi, JCB

Air Filter replaces 119655-12560 fitted on various brands including Yanmar, JCB, Takeuchi, Thwaites, Volvo, Kubota Diggers & Dumpers Height: 185mm x O/D: 90mm x I/D: 45mm / Blank (Use with LA1671 inner filter)

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Part No. LA1485

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Primary Air Filter Element - Cylinder Type
Height: 185mm x O/D: 90mm x I/D: 45mm / Blank
Quality, Non Genuine Filter
(use inner filter LA1671)

Suitable for the following applications:

319 w/Kubota D722-E2B Eng. (Tier 2), 320 w/Kubota D722 Eng., 320D, 320G w/Kubota D722 Eng., 321 w/Kubota Eng., 322D, 322G w/Kubota Eng., 323, 324 w/Kubota D722-E2B (Tier 2) Eng., 418 w/Kubota D722 Eng., E08, E10 w/Kubota D722-E2B Eng. (Tier 2), E14, E16 w/Kubota D722-E2B Eng. (Tier 2), E20 w/Kubota D722 Eng., E25 w/Kubota D1105 Eng (Tier 2), E26 w/Kubota D1105 Eng. (Tier 2)

CX15 w/Yanmar Eng., CX15B Series 2 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng. (1/2011-on), CX15B Series 2 w/Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA Eng. (1/2008-on), CX16 w/Yanmar Eng., CX16B w/Yanmar 3TNE74N Eng., CX17B w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., CX18B Series 2 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng. (1/2011-on), CX18B w/Yanmar 3TNE74N Eng., CX18B Series 2 w/Mitsubishi LE-W431KBSA Eng. (1/2008-on)

300.9D w/Yanmar Eng., 301.4C w/Yanmar 3TNV76 Eng., 301.6C, 301.8C w/Mitsubishi L3N, L3NE Engs., 301.7D, 302.2D, 302.4D w/Yanmar 3TNV76 Eng., 302.7D w/Yanmar 3TNV76 Eng.

Solar 15 Plus w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., Solar 18VT w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng.

EX17U w/Isuzu 3YB1 Eng., ZX10U-2 w/Yanmar 3TNV70 Eng., ZX16 w/Isuzu 3YB1 Eng., ZX16 w/Shibaura Eng., ZX17U-2 w/Yanmar 3TNV70-VHB Eng., ZX18 w/Isuzu 3YB1 Eng., ZX18 w/Shibaura E673L Eng., ZX22U-2 w/Yanmar 3TNV76 Eng., ZX25 w/Isuzu 3YE1 Eng., ZX25 w/Shibaura S773L Eng., ZX8-2 w/Yanmar 3TNV70 Eng.

8014 w/Perkins 404C-22 (Tier 2), 404D-22 (Tier 3) Engs., 8016, 8018 w/Perkins 404C-22 (Tier 2), 404D-22 (Tier 3) Engs., 8020 w/Perkins 403D-11 (Tier 3) Eng., Micro 8008 w/Perkins 403C-07 (Tier 2), 403D-07 (Tier 3) Engs., Micro Plus T2 w/Perkins 403C-07 (Tier 2), 403D-07 (Tier 3) Engs.

John Deere:
17D w/Yanmar Eng. (Tier 4), 17G w/Yanmar 3TNV74 Eng. (Tier 4 Final), 17ZTS w/Isuzu 3YB1 Eng., Kobelco 17SR-3 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., SK20SR-2 w/Yanmar 3TNE74N Eng., SK25SR-2 w/Yanmar 3TNE74 Eng.

PC09-1 w/2D70E Eng., PC12R-8 w/3D68E Eng., PC14R-3, PC14R-3 HS w/3D67E-2A Eng., PC15R-8 w/3D68E Eng., PC16R-3, PC16R-3 HS w/3D67E-2A Eng., PC18MR-2 w/3D67E-1 Eng., PC18MR-3 w/3D67E-2 Eng., PC20MR-1, PC20MRx-1 w/3D74E Eng., PC20MR-2 w/3D76E-5 Eng., PC20MR-3 w/3D76E-6 Eng., PC20R-8 w/3D84E Eng., PC20UU-3 w/3D74E-N3 Eng., PC26MR-3 w/3D76E-3 Eng.

KX014-4, KX015-4, KX018-4, KX019-4 w/D902-BH Eng.

New Holland:
E10SR w/Yanmar 2TNV70 Eng., E16, E18 w/Yanmar 3TNE74-N Eng., E16B w/Mitsubishi LE-W431KSBA Eng., E18B, E18SR w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., EC15

TB014 w/Yanmar 3TNE68 Eng., TB016 w/Yanmar 3TNE68 Eng., TB108 w/Yanmar 2TNV70 Eng. (Tier 4), TB108 w/Yanmar TNE Series Engs., TB15 FR w/Yanmar TNE Series Engs., TB23 FR w/Yanmar TNE Series Engs., TB23R w/Yanmar Eng.

HR1.6, HR11 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., HR12 (S/N 5587-up), HR13, TC15 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng. (Tier 4), TC16 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng. (Tier 4), TC20 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng. (Tier 4)

EC13 w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., EC15, EC15B w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng., EC18D w/D0.9A Eng., EC20, EC20B w/Mitsubishi L3E Eng.

B08-3 w/2TNE68 Eng., SV08-1, SV08-1A w/2TE67L Eng., Vio15-2 w/3 Cyl. Eng., Terex AL4000 w/Kubota D905 Series, D1105 Series Engs.

Kubota Tractors:
BX1500 w/Z602 Eng., BX1500D w/Z602-E Eng., BX1800 Mower, BX1800D w/D722-E Eng., BX1830D w/D722-E Eng., BX1850D w/D722-E Eng., BX1860D w/D722-E3 Eng., BX22 Mower w/D905-E Eng., BX2200 w/D905-E Eng., BX2200D w/D905-E Eng., BX2230D w/D902-E Eng., BX22LB-B, BX23LB-B, BX23LB-T w/D905-E Eng., BX2350D w/D902-E Eng., BX2360, BX2370 w/D902-E3 Eng., BX24 w/D902-E Eng., BX25, BX25D w/D902-E3 Eng., BX2660, BX2660D w/D1005-E3 Eng., BX2670 w/D1005 Eng., G18, G18HD Mowers w/D722 Eng., G2160 Mower w/D782 Eng., G2460G w/Kubota WG752 Gas Eng., GR2110 w/D782 Eng., GR2120, GR2120B w/D782 Eng., T1810 Mower w/Kawasaki 17 HP Eng., TG1860 w/D722-E Eng., ZD18 Mower w/D722 Eng., ZD21 Mower w/D722 Eng., ZD21, ZD21N Mowers w/D782 Eng., ZD221 Zero-Turn Mower w/D782-E3 Eng., ZD25F Zero-Turn Mower w/D1005-E2 Eng., ZD28 Mower w/D1105 Eng., ZD321 Zero-Turn Mower w/D782-E2 Eng., RTV500 w/GZD460 Eng., RTV900R Series, RTV900T Series, RTV900W Series, RTV900XT Series w/D902-E Series Engs.

1 Tonne Hi-Tip (MACH 201), 1 Tonne Powerswivel (MACH 202)

G12 Generator w/Isuzu 3LD1 Eng., G25 Generator w/Isuzu 4LE2 Eng.

D722, D722-E Engines

2TNE68E, 2TNV70-ASA, 2TNV70-HGE, 3TN70 Series, 3TNE68-G1A, 3TNE68-G2A, 3TNE68-SA, 3TNE74-G2A, 3TNE 74-SA, 3TNM68-AS, 3TNM68-GA, 3TNM68-HA, 3TNM72-AS, 3TNM72-GA, 3TNM72-HA Engines
L&S Part No.LA1485
Unit of Sale1
SizeHeight: 185mm x O/D: 90mm x I/D: 45mm / Blank
OEM No.44009
Part TypeNon Genuine Part
ApplicationsKubota: D722, D722-E, Yanmar: 2TNE68E, 2TNV70-ASA, 2TNV70-HGE, 3TN70 Series, 3TNE68, 3TNE74, 3TNM68-AS, 3TNM68-GA, 3TNM68-HA, 3TNM72-AS, 3TNM72-GA, 3TNM72-HA, Wacker: G12, G25 Generator, Bobcat: 319, 320, 320D, 320G, 321, 322D, 322G, 323, 324, 418, E08, E10, E14, E16, E20, E25, E26, Case: CX15, CX15B, CX15B, CX16, CX16B, CX17B, CX18B, CX18B, CX18B Series 2, Caterpillar: 300.9D, 301.4C, 301.6C, 301.8C, 301.7D, 302.2D, 302.4D, 302.7D, Doosan: Solar 15 Plus, Solar 18VT, Hitachi: EX17U, ZX10U-2, ZX16, ZX16, ZX17U-2, ZX18, ZX18, ZX22U-2, ZX25, ZX25, ZX8-2, JCB: 8014, 8016, 8018, 8020, Micro 8008, Micro Plus T2, John Deere: 17D, 17G, 17ZTS, Kobelco: 17SR-3, SK17SR-3, SK20SR-2, SK25SR-2, Komatsu: PC09-1, PC12R-8, PC14R-3, PC14R-3 HS, PC15R-8, PC16R-3, PC16R-3 HS, PC18MR-2, PC18MR-3, PC20MR-1, PC20MRx-1, PC20MR-2, PC20MR-3, PC20R-8, PC20UU-3, PC26MR-3, New Holland: E10SR, E16, E18, E16B, E18B, E18SR, EC15, Takeuchi: TB014, TB016, TB108, TB108, TB15 FR, TB23 FR, TB23R, Terex: HR1.6, HR11, HR12, HR13, TC15, TC16, TC20, Volvo: EC13, EC15, EC15B, EC18D, EC20, EC20B, Yanmar: B08-3, SV08-1, SV08-1A, Vio15-2, Terex: AL4000, Kubota: BX1500, BX1500D, BX1800 Mower, BX1800D, BX1830D, BX1850D, BX1860D, BX22, BX2200 Mower, BX2200D, BX2230D, BX22LB-B, BX23LB-B, BX23LB-T, BX2350D, BX2360, BX2370, BX24, BX25, BX25D, BX2660, BX2660D, BX2670, G18, G18HD, G2160, G2460G, GR2110, GR2120, T1810, TG1860, ZD18, ZD21, ZD21, ZD221, ZD25F, ZD28, ZD321, RTV500, RTV900R-ASD, RTV900S-ASD, RTV900T-TSD, RTV900W-HSD, Kubota: KX014-4, KX015-4, KX018-4, KX019-4, Thwaites: 1 Tonne Hi-Tip (MACH 201), 1 Tonne Powerswivel (MACH 202)

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